Dropdown value shows correctly in List View but takes first value of dropdown in edit view

Version 7.11.20
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

I import leads from Facebook using integromat.
All fields import correctly.

When I look at the lead in list view, the lead source is correctly seen.
However when I go to the edit more, the lead source is defaulting to the first option in the dropdown.

Scenario 1 - I edit the record but do not change the dropdown
If I do not change it, the first option is saved to the database, overriding the value that was imported.

Scenario 2 - inline edit in list view
If I inline edit the value of the lead status in list view, even if it was showing correctly, in edit it shows correct as well.

Any ideas?

Ok so I traced the issue to Integromat.
For whatever reason, their dropdown values shown, which are pulled from SuiteCRM
seem to be a mix of keys and values rather than values only.

Sorting it with them.

ISSUE IS RESOLVED as far as SuiteCRM goes.