Dropdown Importer plugin

Hi Forum,

I would like to put here a plugin to import dropdown list via csv file into SuiteCRM. Actually it is client’s requirement which I have developed
further to create a plugin.

I have tested it for following criteria.

  1. It should work with SuiteCRM 7.2.
  2. It should import English language file having UTF8 encoding.

I would like if anybody can test it if possible with different language and give some review. I will happy to improve it further.

Plugin is not for production instance.



Thanks Alpesh

Hi Alpesh,
I can’t download your attachment.
Would you pls upload it again? It will be great help for me.

Thanks for making this.

I got this error: “No header specified.Download sample template from Step 1 page.”

I tried using .csv, and .txt, generated from the template file (won’t let me attach).

Hi Tony,

Error means - Your CSV file does not have proper format. Please go to Step1 and download Sample file. Your CSV file should have the format like Sample file.


Thanks for the reply.

That’s what I did. I tried it three ways.

First, I downloaded the template .txt and replaced the sample options with my own and uploaded that.

Then, I changed the file extension from .txt to .csv

Lastly, I created the .csv in Excel (two ways: MSDOS and Mac).

Each time, I got the same error.


I think that you should post your csv to allow the developers of the plugin to verify that the file you are trying to upload is correctly formatted or to test it to find out if there is something wrong with the plugin and, in case there is, correct it.

Have you considered submitting this software as an enhancement of the platform in gitHub?