Dropdown Editor

WHen I try t create a new list in dropdown editor i complete the following steps

  1. Go to Dropdown Editor
  2. Give new list a name
  3. Enter value(s) that I want added
  4. Hit save
  5. wait several minutes

when i exit and even logout and go back into suitecrm my list is not saved. trying to determine what the cause of my list not saving is. I 'm using suitecrm 7…2


Hi there,

This was a bug in SuiteCRM in this version. You can either upgrade to SuiteCRM 7.1.4(which is highly recommended due to several bug and security fixes) or you can disable the Russian Language pack in Admin -> Languages.



for now i’ll disable the russian language pack. thanks for pointing me in this direction as this is a build just to prove functionality. on production we’ll definitely install 7.1.4

thanks a bunch

I was having the exact same problem after the bitnami / aws install. Thanks! Fortunately … I don’t need the russian language pack. Any idea how to get bitnami to update the install package?