Dropdown Editor doesn't allow to add a new item

I want to add some more dropdown items to lead_source_dom. So I successfully added one item through Admin / Dropdown Editor / Edit Dropdown → Add → Save. Then I wanted to add another item in the same way and it didn’t work any more. The Item Name field is beeing colored in red and below the field also in red appears “undefined”. What’s wrong?

Version 7.11.18

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

It looks like a file permissions issue.

Also. Check if still have space on your disk.

did you solve it ?

An obvious troubleshooting route - would be to try to remove the new entries. Is it possible to delete a row?
if so - does that fix it?

You sound like more of Suite users than a Suite / PHP technical person - but maybe that is not true?

If it is true - how long has your organisation used Suite; are there maybe people in different teams there who could help you, who have used Suite for longer? Maybe the person who runs the hosting of the servers it runs on?