Dropdown assistance please?

Is there away to import my csv file that can be used as a dropdown without shelling out the 200.00 for the Drop Down Importer / connector? It’s only about 60 records, but I feel like there must be a way within Studio or something to get this set of data onto a layout. My agency data is loaded, and looks fine under accounts. I really need when creating an Opportunity to reference the account via dropdown. I am sure I am missing. Used to be really familiar with Sugar, but I am struggling to find a few of these things. Also, I want when the Opportunity has been created, and the account selected from the drop down that it maintains the ingerity between the acccounts and the Opportunity.


When you create a dropdown in the editor, it creates a PHP file with the entries under custom - not sure where, but you can run some “find in files” inside that directory looking for the strings you entered.

It’s usually quite easy to use a text editor to add a bunch of entries there.

I think there are 2 points in your question
1: You want to bulk add DROPDOWN options for a module, something in range of 60 records:
You can never do it from CRM collectively, instead from CRM you can add all of them one by one, but one thing you can do, just create the DROPDOWN, let say
“my_status_dom” with 1 option,and then go to


and here you will see the array entry for this dropdown, you can here put the values and text, and then
repair and rebuild the CRM after updating this file

2: In the Accounts and Opportunity relationship, from Opportunity side, you are planning to have an Accounts records dropdown to associate them to Opportunity.

There is no default feature to show dropdowns in Relate fields. But this can be done by custom code. But if you do so, you will not be able to search any records from POPUP and also the inline search.
You can engage any developer to do it for you in best way. This can be done by custom code.


Also, you may want to consider just making a custom module for the list of 60 items and just use a relate field. That’s another way of doing it. If its only 60 items and never changing, then all this effort would make a lot of sense.