Drop-down option that does not appear

Hello, I’m getting this error when I upgraded my project from version 7.2.1 to version 7.8.4 of SuiteCRM.

Stop appearing the option “calculate” in the drop-down next to customers, that is, there should be 2 options: “calculate” and “remove”, but only “remove” appears. In the log only this, but not being an error of type “error” or “fatal” I do not think it has to do …:

[11-May-2018 00:05:03 America / Chicago] PHP Strict Standards: Non-static method ACLRole :: getUserRoleNames () should not be called statically in /home2/ingeweb/public_html/sfcc_act/include/utilsJW.php on line 187

Could you help me see what is happening? Thanks and best regards

That option “Calculate” is a customization, I believe. You must have some code for it in the custom folder.

You probably just need to reapply those customizations after the upgrade.

Yes, it is a customization. I will look at it.

Thank you.