Drag/resize in calendar stopped working after update


I’ve upgraded our installation of SuiteCRM about 10 days ago, and only today I’ve been notified by the actual users that in the Calendar module it’s not possible to drag or resize the tasks anymore.

The upgrade was from 7.12.2 to 7.14.3, that besides this problem was quite uneventful.

The js console is not showing any special error, and I’ve verified that global_edit, global_items_draggable and global_items_resizable are true-ish in the generated web page.

Does anybody have any idea about what could be the problem?

Thank you in advance!

Did you do any custom code updates?

Nope, I’ve only applied the upgrade pack from Upgrade SuiteCRM - SuiteCRM (in two steps, first 7.12.14 then 7.14.3) through the upgrade wizard, and followed the couple of manual steps that were mentioned in the release notes (adding an index and re-encoding the wrong utf8 data).

I’ve now restored the “Calendar” module (and only that) from before the upgrade, so rollbacking it to 7.12.2), and the previous behavior came back.

While doing some tests, I found that in the new version, events that were created directly within the calendar were draggable/resizable (Calls or Meeting), whilst my problem was visible only with events coming from the Tasks module.

Could that be something that was done explicitly?

A fairly quick look into the changes, lead me to

and the related commits to the several branches. Indeed reverting Cal.js to the previous version before that commit just brings back the previous behavior.

I suspect I’ll need to now figure out if my users were relaying on what was effectively an unexpected behavior (at least reading the bug report), or if the fix broke a real use case…

oh so that following fix worked for you?

No, it’s the opposite!

That “fix” broke it for me, reverting the change done there makes it work again.