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[size=6]Versions 7.10.x - Download: [/size]

Note: To download click on a country flag to open the related language page; Only then use the download button to get a zip with your language.

[size=5]SuiteCRM versions 7.7.x to 7.9.x - Download: [/size]

[size=6]Translate SuiteCRM: [/size]
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Note: to translate you just need your web browser.
You can browse all files at same time and use filters and search to see similar words and improve consistency when translating

[size=5]How to install[/size]
See tutorials:


  • Improve translations at Crowdin project
  • If you have problems installing it is a permission issue!


Zip download from Crwodin / Daily Builds for latest version:
1- Enter
2- Click on your country flag to enter the language page
3- Click the cloud button on the right and then “Download”

Note: you can also login and translate!