download link invoices to the customer

It is possible when you create an invoice or quote or other send an email to the customer with a link to download the document created without login to the portal?
thank you


It can be achieved via entryPoint and custom download functionality. but for that you need to have knowledge of PHP.

using this guide. does not work
There are other info to use?

Not only entryPoint, you also need to create custom download script with additional info like id of the invoice or quote and logic to write generate PDF etc…

so it is a complicated way to be completed

It would be great to find a way where in we could send the invoice by mail with a link to download the invoice as a pdf, does anyone know how?

I’m not sure because I never used it, but maybe this is possible.

I know that SuiteCRM already has a mechanism where it copies files into the “Public” directory, which is exactly for this purpose, for people to be able to use a link to see a file in the SuiteCRM system without logging in.

But I am not sure where you go to create this. Maybe it’s as simple as adding an attachment to a campaign and sending.

I believe that images in Campaign emails are used with this system: the image is copied into the public directory, and a link is sent in the email.

I’d be very interested in this as well.

I’m looking for a mechanism to automatically send an email (via workflow/logichook) that either has an automatically-created PDF (from pdf-template) attached and/or includes a link to a public download of the respective PDF.

Or this could be triggered by a SuiteCRM user instead of via workflow. But I’m looking for ways to further automate the creation of PDFs and sending these via mail to customers (with email templates).

Has anyone found a way to send invoice by mail with a download linkt to the pdf of the invoice?