Download document through API V8


is it possible to download document through API V8?

Thank you

Jan Opravil


As far as I’m aware, there isn’t an Out of the box API endpoint to download a document

There is an entrypoint, in the format of:
entryPoint=download&id=[record id]&type=[module type]

So, eg, navigating to:
Would download a document record with the ID “f1f2f7b0-5785-b826-b11a-603faf08e6b6”

Though I’m not sure if thats totally suitable for API work, or what you’d like to achieve

You might be able to create a custom endpoint for the API, that then uses this entrypoint.
(Though I don’t have much knowledge on that front, im afraid)

Some links for this:

There is also a post on the SugarCRM dev hub:
However, I’m not sure how applicable this would be nowadays, as the API methods could differ greatly

Unless any other user has a quick tip for this?