Double Servers

I installed SuiteCRM 7.5.3 (I was working last year with this version and that is fine for me) and there was an error with the local installed Services.
I did a second install, but now Ihave in services:

SuiteCRMApache The bad guy giving error
SuiteCRMApache-1 the working /running

SuiteCRMMySQL The bad buy giving error,not running
SuiteCRMMySQL-1 The working/running.

I like to start over again from scratch ,but wonder how to delete these “services” in Administrative Tools in Windows 10.
Thanks for helping me.

That will depend on what WAMP stack you installed. I mean, the web server and the database are things you install prior to installing SuiteCRM. They are the ones responsible for those services.

If you’re starting from scratch you’d better install a newer stack (with PHP 7), and a newer SuiteCRM. There are lots of benefits in terms of security, performance, and features.

Thanks for helping me, I discovered to UNinstall it …and both Services with Doubles were not visible anymore. Thanks.

I downloaded/installed LOCAL Bitnami stack 7.8.3 (lastest for local installer) and I inserted first Account and Contact. I dont like Cloud view regular hickups in connections here.
I also inserted in 7.8.3 a photo and result was a small blue yellow icon. (I loaded my personal photo 'William.png" is that PNG the problem,should that
be JPG or other? In the older 7.5.3 the PNG was not a problem

I have an other computer with a still working (Bitnami 7.5.3 stack) working fine, with real photo, a a very big datafile accounts/contacts.

How can I transfer the old (7.5.3) data to a newer 7.8.3 SuiteCRM ?

In the past (with 7.5.3. I stopped services) and then copied it over the SuiteCRM from a backup made on a D:drive. That worked always nice and simple.

Can you help me with above issues??


I don’t know exactly what you mean about the photo, what steps did you take to insert it, and where?

About the upgrade and migration. You should do one at a time. One thing is copying over a full database and files from one computer to another. You should do this using the same version of SuiteCRM on both sides, so that everything is compatible.

A different thing is an upgrade. It’s on the same computer, you download an upgrade patch and apply it, but you don’t move data.

So, if you need to do both, do one at a time! Attempting to migrate data to a newer version is bound to bring you problems.