Double results on advanced search (solved)

starting last week, we experience double results for each search (advanced search, aka solr)


the results are doubled for almost all, but not all, beans

any idea on how to debug?

Suitecrm: **Version 7.11.18**
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
on linux, apache

It’s not “solr”, it’s Lucene.

You could try Reindexing, especially if the database is not very big.

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I have the following

(solr vs lucene, did not know, thanks)

ok, I try the full reindex cited on your link, thanks!


Steps followed (exactly as in ):

  • make a backup
  • SSH login, become root, and move to Suitecrm document_root
  • disable cron: crontab -u apache -e and comment out cron job
  • remove dir:
mv modules/AOD_Index/Index/Index modules/AOD_Index/Index/Index.BACKUP
  • empty tables:
mysql -u root -p
truncate table aod_index;
truncate table aod_indexevent;
  • re-enable cron: crontab -u apache -e
  • start reindexing (force scheduler)

check the scheduler to know if the re-indexing operation is done.

super thanks to

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