does view change log is available in task module

does view change log is available in task module,if there what will the navigation step to go there

Not out of the box, although may just be the case of adding the button to the detailviewdefs.php/editviewdefs.php

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Have you manage to add the change log into the task module? I am currently facing this problem too.

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Only thing you need to do is make auditable true.
You can do it by adding following lines of code to this file’s array.


This is the file path.


After that you can make fields auditable using studio or even in this vardef.php files.

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Had to do this again today for Projects… did it before when I first upgraded to 7.1… anyway, wish this was configurable in the admin panel!


It seems not to be configurable in the Admin panel, but there is an upgrade-safe way to implement it:

Add a new file named as you wish (e.g. “audited_true.php”) to the folder


with the following lines:




after a quick-repair it should work, and it’s upgrade-safe!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get this wo work for ProjectTasks. Seems to be something special about that module…

To make it show up in ProjectTask detailview (after adding the vardef file), you also have to change the detailviewdefs.php file in


Find this statement:

'hideAudit' => false,

and change false to true. -> rebuild.

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