Does SuiteCRM work with Zapier?


I stumbled upon SuiteCRM while trying to find out whether SugarCRM will be dropping their Community Edition.

Anyway, I have a few questions…had a few issues with installation, getting the word ‘undefined’ in lots of places…

My main question, does SuiteCRM work with Zapier (SugarCRM works with Zapier).

Can we assume SuiteCRM will work with any software that was designed to work with SugarCRM? I am mainly concerned with connecting SuiteCRM up with other software bridges to create automation.

Liking SuiteCRM so far, but I have always had weird issues with the CE edition of SugarCRM and this still seems to be present with SuiteCRM…ill try and work on it.


Hi there,

Please list your ‘weird issues’ are these core to SugarCRM?. Any modules that are compatible with SugarCRM CE 6.5.x will be compatible with SuiteCRM 7.x.



if Zapier Works with SugarCRM CE 6.5.x then it “Should” work with SuiteCRM.

Hello Will,

As I said above, I am getting the word ‘undefined’ in many many places throughout SuiteCRM.

Also, when I installed SuiteCRM, it took me to a page saying i might need to install it again…i just removed the install.php from the URL and it seemed to be ok, but as per above…lots of ‘undefined’.

Zapier isnt a module, as such why i asked if SuiteCRM work with Zapier…Zapier allows us to connect SugarCRM to many other softwares like Xero, Trello, many other accounting softwares, etc…


I can PM access to my instalation if you want to take a look.


To correct the “undefined” issues:

Set permissions of your main directory as:
chmod -R 755
then 775 on the following folders.
chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

Then run the through the Repair options in the admin panel

Just set up a fresh install 7.7.9 and get connection timeout from Zapier

See this is what annoys me about SuiteCRM…If you run SuiteCRM on a VPS (many VPS is much more powerful than a basic dedicated server) you CANNOT SET 775…We can only use 644 for files and 755 for folders. Yet people keep giving advice to set other permission settings. Its like SuiteCRM completely forget about VPS servers.

SuiteCRM is an application that writes itself. You change things in studio, and not only configuration files change, but actual PHP that will be executed changes.

So it’s impossible to have SuiteCRM if your hosting won’t let an app change itself, i.e, have your web server user write in those directories.

Of course, numbers like 0644 don’t mean anything by themselves. It also depends on ownership and the web-server user, and which groups he belongs to.

So it’s up to your VPS hosting to explain to you, with the restrictions it enforces, what is the correct way for an app that needs to write it’s own directories to operate. But maybe that’s a different thread (nothing to do with Zapier).