Does SuiteCRM 8 run on a Raspberry PI

I have been trying to install V8.0.4 on a Raspberry PI. The (CLI) installations seems to finish without any error messages and the database has been creatd. However, I don’t manage to go any further: I don’t even get a login screen. Did anybody succeed with installing V8 on a PI?

I have been running V7.11 successfully on a PI.


After some further attempts I have managed to get V8.0.4 working on the Raspberry PI. This is what I did:

I first realized that Apache’s mod_rewrite was not enabled. Once I had enabled mod_rewrite I got a login screen, but I could not login.

When trying to login I got an error message “error occurred while fetching metadata”. There is the recommendation to check the permissions. It turned out that env.local was owned by root instead of www-data like all other files. After changing the owner I was able to log in.

One last problem remained: I constantly got logged out with the message "your session has expired”. Following a recommendation for V7.x I have disabled in Admin>SystemSettings>Advanced the option “Validate user IP address” and now things seem to be working well.

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