Does Suite CRM has a builtin reporting system?

I need several reports to be printed from within CRM workdesk. Reports needs to be single - record, e.g. to print a badge (credit card format) for a customer with the data registered in CRM or multiple - records e.g. to print statistical reports.
I was logged into CRM demo, but did not found any way to prepare the reports.
Please advise if CRM has a builtin reporting system.

Thank you


SuiteCRM does indeed have built-in reporting functionality. It can be found within the module called “Reports”

If this Reports Module does not fit what you need, you can also get 3rd party Modules such as “KReporter” and install them quickly and easily through the “Module Builder” functionality in the CRM

Thank you for your reply. Actually I was looking at demo version to have a deeper understanding of this system in order to decide if it suits our needs. Is the reporting module installed on demo version?

Thank you

Hi mkolici,

Yup, The default “Reports” module is installed on the Demo version.

You can access it by Hovering over the “ALL” option on the top bar, and selecting “Reports” from the dropdown menu that appears.

Thank you for your message. The case can be closed now.
BTW, how to mark this case as closed? I cannot find “close” button here.

Thank you again


No problem.
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