Does anyone know how to get group emails actually working?

I am having troubles with a group email account.

All our staff has their own private accounts and that works great.

I have added the general email account of “info” as a group account as several people respond to this.

Now with each user, when they compose they CAN send as the group info email account.

HOWEVER under folder management the INBOX and all sub-folders only show up under “Folder Management” for one user.

Which means only ONE of the users can read the inbox.

Does this require some sort of lic?

When you select folders as any of the users from the email screen, the INBOX for the info account ONLY shows up for the user that it appears in Folder Management for the user settings.

How? Why is this so complicated?

Is this a paid feature or addon?

John Beima

There is no paid version of SuiteCRM.

What version are you using? Is this a new system, or was it working before?

It was/is a fresh install of 7.9.2.

Then I noticed that there was a patch coming with 7.9.3 that affected group email accounts not showing up. So I waited and just patched it.

At least with 7.9.3 you can “check” the group mailbox under more than one employee now; on the second page of the email settings. However for each additional person you check it for the INBOX does not show up on the first page of the settings. I can send screen shots if that would help.

John Beima

By the way, I should add a few things.

There are three “users”. All have admin status.

The system has a default configured and tested outgoing email account.

Each user has their own private email working perfectly.

Then I added the group email account “info” and this all started.

Literally, that is how fresh/clean this install is.

John Beima
CDCI Development


I confess I have some difficulty trying to help you since I never really used group email myself.

If you can please open an Issue in GitHub, with detailed “steps to reproduce” and some nice screenshots, I’m sure that would help.


Try this on one of your installs…

Under Email create and test a “group” email account.

Then edit any user’s email settings. It will show up under mail accounts - tab 2. You then check it. Then on Tab 1 under Folder Management you can add “inbox” to that users folders.

When you go into that user name. You can click the folder icon at the top and it will allow you to select between email accounts.

Now try and do the same for a second user.

I currently am not in a position for many email tests, each one of them can be quite complicated and take a long time, which I don’t have.

But your description of “steps to reproduce” sounds like a good start of an Issue you can report on GitHub, so why don’t you start the issue there? It will help get this fixed and the app will be better for everyone. Thanks.

Add to GitHub as Issue #3922.


I was trying to configure the “Group Email Account Settings” with one existing email id (group email id) so that a “Case” is created upon receipt of the mail (config attached) following the documentation given at

The group is having one user associated.

Then, an email was sent externally to the group email id (just configured) with just “Case 5” as subject & message body (tried both plain text and html). The email read module is invoked but the email is not extracted and subsequently case is not created. Screenshot attached.

Can anyone help me out on what might be the issue?

The version/os details are given below

Suite CRM - 7.8.16
PHP - 5.6.34
OS - Win 7 (64)
Server IIS (OS built-in)