Documents module - Flex Related

Hi all,

I am a bit confused on how the relationship between modules works and I have been reading about this and trying diferent things but nothing works so I am not sure if I doing something wrong or my SuiteCrm installation does not work properly.

I am trying to add a “Relate” field or a “Flex Relate” field using the Studio to the Document Module so that I can select what Contact is the document related to. Everything works as expected in the Document module but once I have added a new document this entry does not appear under the Contacts sub-panel, the Contacts documents sub-panel is just empty.

I have created a Many to Many relationships between the Documents and Contacts modules.

Is this the expected behavior when you use the Relate or Flex Relate fields? Why is the Contacts sub-panel empty? I know that I can create a document entry directly from the Contact sub-panel I wonder why it does not work the other way.

Any help will be very appreciate.

Thanks a lot,


oh I think I managed to solve it using “One to Many” relationship instead of “many to many” :blush: :whistle: