Documents are damaged after upgradation from 7.5.1 to 7.6.6. The old documents is not opening.

Hi, Can anyone help me to solve this problem

what’s the error shown?

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Thanks for Reply

Error comes after downloading the document. It could not load the documents. Below are the attached snapshots please have a look

do you find any errors in suitecrm.log or apache2/errors.log?

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Hello mikebeck,

I did not find any errors related to documnets in these files. I does not understand where’s the issue comes from. This issue comes after the upgradation of crm.

I summarise the problem again.

I am having a problem accessing older files in the Document module. For example, a PDF file that was saved Oct 2015(before upgaradation) cannot be properly opened.
However recent PDF files saved in Documents(after upgradation) are ok, and I can view them.

can you check if the files is in the upload folder? you need to search by the ID of the document you’ll be able to see this in the URL of the page at the end of it

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Thanks for response,

Yeah I have checked it. That files exists in upload folder but they are not opening. Same problem occurs with that files.
The files before upgradation are only damage. Recent files are opening.

Actually we migrated system from windows server to linux server, and old files which uploaded using windows server are not opening in linux server.

Have you any idea? Why this error comes?

maybe they are corrupted in some way, did you correct the permissions? because you need to set the correct permissions and when moving files from windows to unix is more important, plus those files are extensionless, you need to add the extension to open them manually outside the SuiteCRM system

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Yeah this may be the issue.

Thanks mikebeck