Documents - add ability to save them under projects


I am involved in setting up a new Suite CRM install for a small group I am in.

We came up with a situation where we need to attach documents to a project so that when looking at the project, we can se all docuemtns related to the project.

But, in CRM, there are no tabs, panels or sub-panels related to documents.

I read a little and looked at a few examples, and it seems that this is a sub panel.

How can I insert this sub panel into “projects”?



Hi Joseph,

This can be done under the admin panel -> Studio. From within studio you then click on “Projects” and add a new relationship between “Projects” and “Documents”. Hit save and deploy and a new sub-panel will appear when you click on your project.

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Thanks for the reply!

One quicki question. I see an optino for:

one to one
one to many
many to many

What do these mean.

Thanks again!


Here is a nice reading for this purpose: