Document Revision Module Problem

Hello. Would like to ask for help on how to fix this issue in document revision module. There are no overview and actions. Is this a bug in suitecrm? Or maybe this just needs modification in codes?

The picture below is the visual explanation of the problem.


Remarks: This is a clean instance and no modification so far and this is the version 7.13

All ideas and help is appreciated.

This can be the user you are log in belongs a role and that role doesn’t have the permissions to visualize those actions.
Please review the roles and whether your user belongs to… and the limitations

Hello @hipolito .
I am using the default admin user.

How do you get to that screen?

Hello @pgr ,

I simply go to the revision record of document.

docurevision-min (1)

Ok, I can see it in the demo…

What actions should be there? Maybe there are no actions.

Revisions is quite a special module - maybe you’re only supposed to act on it through the Documents’ subpanel? I’m not sure.