Docker image - Any recommendations?

Hi All,

New to SuiteCRM, love what I’ve seen so far!

I installed using the Bitnami docker image but ran into this issue (Cannot use any mail provider that needs ssl)

Since the issue has been around for a while, I’m not sure when it will get fixed, and having working email is quite important. I’m wondering if any in the SuiteCRM community has a recommendation for another up to date docker image? Or a Docker build file to share? Or just a recommendation of a good basic php docker image that has all the SuiteCRM requirements, then I can probably get the rest up and running myself (fingers crossed).

Or maybe it is time for an official SuiteCRM Docker image!

I don’t use Docker (only played around with it once) so I am not the ideal person to answer here. The rest of the SuiteCRM team uses it extensively (but they don’t come here in the forums as often) :slight_smile:

But you could start by using a simple Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 image. It’s a breeze to get SuiteCRM working in one of those in 5 minutes. See

If your Uvbuntu doens’t come with the LAMP server on by default, start with this

apt install lamp-server^

(that ^ is intentional)

I would recommend the official php:alpine image to start off as a base (it’s really lean (5mb instead of 100+ with the debian or ubuntu images))
then copy all the files in.
I’d assume you know how to bind ports and volumes
I would assume the entire crm system would need to be within a volume as suite has not been designed to separate static application logic and variable data.
I’d also recommend having your dbms in either another container or just elsewhere and again bind ports

hopefully this is enough for you to go on

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oh almost forgot
php would not be enough on it’s own so I would also recommend setting up nginx in yet another container or somewhere accessible to the suitecrm volume you would make, otherwise you wouldn’t get any static content like images and scripts for the client :silly: