Do URL Fields work in SuiteCRM 8?

I’ve used the URL field and the generate feature to insert google maps link in let’s say leads and/or acccount records in SutieCRM for a while and they have worked great. However, it doesn’t seem to work in SuiteCRM 8. Does anyone have this working? Or a better way of doing it?

I’m not getting anything in the URL field with the default set.


It doesn’t seem to be working with iframe either. Thinking maybe the “generate” part is broken or not developed yet.


Hello Paul,

I’ve used the URL field successfully in 8.5 - can you try a shorter link?
Maybe you’re exceeding 255 and have a DB constraint there?
Just for testing purposes, can you try to generate the URL in a text field and see whether that succeeds and if GMaps is opened at the right location?

Same for the iFrame - I used it in a detail view as well as in the dashboard.