Dissapearing layouts

Hello Guys!

I started to work with SuiteCrm. I have the latest release.

My problem is, that sometimes my edited layouts dissapearing.
For example if i create a new relationship in the module builder (i made a lot of custom modules), then i click on deploy, and voila, my saved layouts missing.
This happens after repair & rebuild too.

What am i doing wrong? How can i prevent data loosing? Its really hard reverting it from git every time when something gone wrong with the files.

Where should i copy the layout files from custom/modulebuilder/packages/<package_name>/modules/<module_name>/metadata to keep them safe?
How can i prevent deleting them automatically after rebuild/deploy?

Some screenshots.

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After initial deployment, you need to do any other modification from Studio. If you click deploy again, it will overwrite anything else you do from studio.

Thanks for your fast answer.

So from the Studio not from the Module manager?
I make all the modifications from the Module manager. I select my package, then the module and finally making some new relations, fileds or layout changes then deploy.
Should i make these steps in the Studio instead of Module Manager and after deploy from the Module Manager?

After the initial deployment, any other change or modification needs to be done from Studio. That, if you want to maintain layout and field changes. Now, if you want to reset the module to it’s original state, then deploy is the option.

Hi, you can also stick to module builder, in this case it’s good practice to

  • make your changes in Module Builder
  • in Module Builder, “Publish” your adapted module and save the resulting zip file
  • uninstall the existing module in Module Loader, make sure to check “keep tables”
  • install the adapted module (zip file) using Module Loader

This way you always have the latest version in one place.

Thanks, i figured out with BrozTechnologies answer.

I think this is a very big disadvantage if i deploy the custom module then make some changes in the studio or in the code then make a new module in the package inside the module builder and i have to redeploy because all the changes disappear/resets.

But i know how this works. The first few days was really difficult, now i’m more advanced.

Thanks for the help!