Display top record in detailview at subpanel of related module

I want to show my top record in detailview from subpanel of other module.

For example: I have two modules that is person and job, which has the relationship of one to many as one person may have more jobs and only current one is active in the company.

Currently my subpanel layout looks like: when i click on my person detailview at person module the related job listview is surfaced below at subpanel.

What I expect to get is to display the top record in the subpanel in detailview rather than listview and all other history records still show in listview as usually. (hint: the top record is sorted by some date).

If anyone have any suggestion on my request as I am really new to the SuiteCRM and have no idea to start.

You cannot do that I’m afraid, a sub-panel is a type of list view! You may be able to hack something together if you are a php programmer but even I am not sure how to go about doing what you suggest. It would take some heavy customisation of the tpl files…

Thanks Andy. But it seems this logic is quite hard to implement so far.

You can create a custom field on the detailview of the person that shows link to last modified job record.

That’s not hard to implement but does require coding knowledge.

Hi eitrix,

Thanks your advise. but what do you mean to create a custom field at Person module to point to top job record?

what i understand is to create a custom field at person module and if you click on the link it will navigate you to job detailview page like the one i click on subpanel right? and what’s the custom field data type will be?

Create new textfield and build in code that before detailview shows that you populate that field with html link that will take you to the last Job record.

I am not able to provide you the code solution for your problem but as i have said, it’s not something complicated to do.