Display Subpanel to the List

I have custom module and subpanel account, I want to display my list of account to the list of my custom module. Please help me how

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Give me some more detailed information.

  1. Do you make relationship with Account and Customer module?
  2. What type is this relationship?
  3. Do you add this relationship to editview form of Customer module?
  4. Do use Studio or edit files?
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this is my Accounts view and the Custom Module Subpanel… And I want to display this subpanel list to the Accounts list. Is it possible in studio or edit files?
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You can see subpanel only in detailview. Studio don’t support this possibility. If you want to see they in listview you should write custom code.

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If you will decide to write custom code I think that to use constructor ‘additionalDetails’ is the most easy way . You can look at the file in any module and use is as an example: