Display Server Response Time not working

Although I can check the box in System Settings I am not seeing the Server Response time in seconds displayed at the bottom of the page. This did work in our old version 6.9 of SugarCrm. In researching I found it was broken when moving to SugarCrm 7.x per this link-> here

I cannot find any reference in SuiteCrm documentation or Community that says it has been fixed here. We are trying to work on some tuning and wanted this as a baseline measurement for some tests to run over a week or so to gather data.

Does anyone know if it has been fixed or perhaps point me in the right direction?

Issue appears to be in …\include\MVC\View\SugarView.php at the bottom of the process() method. That’s where the logic to examine the responseTime is but it is not getting executed. I copied the block minus the ob_flush() outside and after the if ($this->_getOption(‘json_output’)) {} and I’m seeing it is there. I may just log it at this time as I just need to track it for testing purposes. Maybe this will help with a perm fix though.