Display Records based on value of sales stage

I have the following scenario to build -

I have 3 teams having multiple users.

Team A is responsible for looking for opportunities(prospecting)
Team B is responsible for qualifying the opportunities (qualification)
Team C is responsible for creating the proposals and valutation (proposal)

Now, how can I display opportunities to each team based on the sales stage?

For example -

Team A finds an opportunity and adds the prospecting stage to it.

Team B then should be able to see the above opportunity in their list view to work on it.

Similarly when Team B changes the stage to Qualification, Team C should see that opportunity in their list view.

How do I create this scenario?


Would be a matter of minutes to create Reports of the right Opp for each group -and they can use those in their Dashboards?

If you want to stop them editing one at the wrong stage - could Workflow help (I don’t know it well).

Let us know what you have thought of so far - what is possible, what have you ruled out?