Display label based on drop down value


(Sorry for the crosspost in the International Language Support forum)

I need to add a drop down field to the Quotation module in which select a reference bank. The problem is that I would like to display a complex description, say bank name, account numbert etc., on the quotation PDF template instead of the associated display label. Is it possible to do it from the Studio?


Can you provide more detail on what you exactly need, maybe with some screen shots?

Hi Will,

In the quotation edit module I would like to have a drop down which displays:
Bank 1
Bank 2

Bank n

Than I would like to have a variable which based on the value of the drop down could display strings as
String 1
String 2

String n

I need to use the variable on the PDF template for the quotations. Something like a calculated field based on the value of another one.