Display All Accounts for a Contact

Hi Community,

I am just jumping into SuiteCRM and look forward to being an active contributor. I love how active this community is.

Quick question… I have a use case in which many contacts will be linked to multiple accounts. It is really important that the end user be able to see ALL listed accounts in the “contact” profile rather then just a random single account (like is being shown now.) Anyone have any direction or possibly some code in which they have already done this?

Thanks in advance!


create a Many2Many relationship between Accounts and Contacts.
Dont use out of the box relationship

Thank you for your feedback. I am showing that the accounts_contacts relationship is already set up to work as “Many to Many”. I just would like it to show ALL the related accounts for the contact rather than one.

You said that I should create my own “Many to Many” relationship instead. Should I remove the old relationship and add a new one? Will doing so allow me to see multiple accounts on the contact profile page?

Thanks again for your help!