Display a picture on line items


we’re working with pictures for our products and would like to see them in an invoice.

I already found the module:
and if I add another column at the line items with product name or similar it shows up in my invoice yeah

But if I do a:

print_r ( $line_item );

the picture isn’t included. I’ve got all sorts of fields like assigned_user_id, date_entered, created_by, item_description etc.
But I can’t find the picture at all. Isn’t it part of the line_item object?

Thanks for any help

Actually … quite easy - simply added one column and print the image like in the products:

<img id=\"product_picture_c\" src=\"index.php?entryPoint=download&id=".$line_item->product_id."_product_picture_c&type=AOS_Products\" style=\"max-width: 200px;\" height=\"100\"> </td>";