Disable date picker on custom field

Does anyone know whether there’s a way of disabling the date picker on a custom date field?
I have a before save logic_hook setup for when a user updates a field named status_update two other fields named date_updated and updated_by are populated with the date status_update was changed and the name of the user.

I’ve also created a custom editviewdef.php file that sets the date_updated and updated_by fields to read only. The problem I have that even though the fields are now set to read only the date picker still allows the date_updated field to be written to without use of the logic_hook.

I need a way to disable the date picker for this date field only.

If your fields are updated by logic hook, you can remove them from edit view and only show them in Detail view.

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Now I feel stupid for not seeing that simple solution. Thanks, I’ll just modify the EditView.