disable convert for user category

Hi to all, there is a way to disable the action Merge to a selected user role?(commercial i.e)


Is it Merge or Convert you are looking for?

Either way it would require some code customisations (‘should’ be minor). Is this something you would be willing to look at?

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Both, i need to hide convert and merge for the commercial role

I mean, i have some leads, my commercials can edit or do activities in the leads, but i don’t want they are allowed to convert and/or merge leads. Only group area or me are allowed to see this. there is a way?

Hi there is a way by code.

Here is a thread that hides the Convert button.


The merge button would be a little different - have a look online if someone has done it before.

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I don’t get where he is writing the code. where he is putting the function?

I don’t where to put the code, could you explain me please?

Still stuck, someone could help me?