Disable autofill relate field

Hello all,
I want to disable autofill (Auto Complete) relate field while lead converstion.
I have requirement where user only select contact or account using select it.
We need to disable auto fill option. please refer attachment

One workaround is to overwrite the SQS results. Check this post for some inside on how to modify SQS:


I was just doing something related.
In my case I disabled the default autocomplete to use jQuery UI autocomplete.
You would probably need to find a way to override the lead conversion screen so that the field’s class does not include ‘sqsEnabled’ and includes ‘sqsNoAutoFill’. Maybe someone else knows a way to override the lead conversion view using the custom directory.

From this thread https://suitecrm.com/suitecrm/forum/suitecrm-7-0-discussion/26665-use-suitecrm-for-b2c#86690 it seems the file that defines the view is modules/Leads/metadata/convertdefs.php which can be copied to custom/modules/Leads/metadata/convertdefs.php to apply changes.
I do see there is an account_name defined, but since it uses a different structure I don’t know where the ‘class’ parameter can be changed.

Hello iSolpa,
I did this with override leadconversion view and just make field readonly with jquery.

just override theme folder.