Directory style access

My client is asking to try to make it easier to search for documents inside of suiteCRM to make it similar to a filing system with directories etc. Is this possible? If so, does it require a costly add-on? If its not possible what would be your suggestions of making this work in suiteCRM to suit them or if another CRM works this way would it be easier to switch to that one? Please advise

This depends a lot on much functionality you really need.

You could consider the option of using a Document handling system, or even a simple shared network drive which you access from an HTML front-end (there’s plenty of these around), and then include that in a dashlet showing Web content.

How big a document volume are you looking to handle?

The “problem” with SuiteCRM is that it has a fairly rich feature set. Not only can you do a lot with it, but by adding custom modules and renaming existing modules and fields, you can essentially turn it into something that does not even resemble a CRM!

However, the functionality of the individual SuiteCRM modules obviously cannot rival that of dedicated packages … accounting, word processing, document storage, etc.

My caution, particularly to new SuiteCRM users, is that just because you can ostensibly do something IN SuiteCRM, does not make it the best place to do it. Unless your functional requirements are not too complex, the most efficient implementations of any CRM [software] tends to be where the CRM sits at about the center of an organization, with other software feeding off and being fed [data] by the CRM.

Therefore, you would probably be best served by looking at a standalone document management system, paying particular attention to the developer “hooks” provided for integration with other software. The more hooks provided, the easier task you will have.