Directory Structure of SuiteCRM

Can someone please explain me the directory structure of SuiteCRM that can help to understand the framework better ?? :frowning:

I am new to this framework and please help me to take the first steps with this framework ??

Hi there,

What do you need to know? SuiteCRM is not a framework. It is built using PHP/JS/HTML/Smarty Templates/AJAX/CSS and more. It has an MVC style code structure.



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I just need to know as to how the directory structure of the basic module is ?? I want to learn to create the new module and know what basic files I need to create the module ?? Please help me out with that

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You can create new modules via Admin -> Module Builder.

If you want to know more about the application, SuiteCRM is built on the latest version of SugarCRM CE.



i also have the same problem
please help me
i also read the documentation and try some hit and run in the previous modules but didn’t get any thing
please provide some source or the documentation where i can get how to code with all AJAX/CSS/PHP/Smarty template
i mean where and how to start code for to create some module or to edit some module view


yes i have the same problem,can u pls guid me for the same,i want to make the one crud operation in crm so whats the steps to write the code.

As already mentioned: you shouldn’t do new modules by hand, actually I advise you to not try it (creating a module properly by hand takes much more time and is much more prone to errors).

Go to the module builder, define your new module with the GUI and deploy it. Afterwards, you can use the Studio and dig into the code for further customization.

here is a description of the most important folders.

Keep few development lessons into your pocket.

  1. For existing modules , all development will be going to “custom” directory , either into Extension framework or directly into custom/modules.
  2. For new or custom modules, development can be directly into modules folder.

Logic hooks, controller.php plays a big role in development point.