Direct reports in contacts? đź‘€

Anyone that have an idea how this works and what it is for?

Originally I was looking for a way to link staff/contacts to leads that hasn’t been been converted yet to opportunity so you could track the relationship. Adding them (contacts) through the lead module options one works of one contact and it receives the status “converted contact” for whatever that is. You cannot link several individual persons to a lead it seems?

On the other hand it doesn’t seem that you can link up a lead in the “directs reports” module. I am guessing that is for 2ho the person reports to, but please correct me if I am incorrect.

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Eight years later, I think that post never got an answer because there was nothing more to add. It’s just a relationship between contacts.

If you need it for Leads, you can just create a one-to-many relationship there too.

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Right thanks! :facepunch:

Do you know a way of linking contacts (aka. employees of the same company) to a lead?

The reason is for doing this way is during the prospecting phase before the lead is converted to a opportunity is that you might have several different person that could be your point of contact like the CEO , Sales Director etc and you want to be able to so who (which contact) belongs to which company, (lead in the situation). There is no point of converting leads/contacts to an opportunity before you have some sort of confirmed interest, right?

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You can add a contacts-to-leads relationship and work with that.

In terms of sales process and work flow, I’d be weary of that complexity though, considering you would then need to think what happens at conversion time. This is one of those cases where only you can know how you prefer things…