Difficulties rounding VAT correctly


We, a Belgian company, are using SuiteCRM for our invoices. For the calculation of VAT in Belgium, VAT is a percentage of the total invoice amount.
For example:

Product 1: 21,25 EUR
Product 2: 22,83 EUR
Service: 8,30 EUR

Total invoice: 52,38 EUR -> 21% VAT (= 52,38 x 0,21) = 10,9998 = 11,00 EUR VAT

It seems however, SuiteCRM calculates VAT per product/service and rounds numbers per line:

Product 1: 21,25 EUR -> 21% VAT (= 21,25 x 0,21) = 4,4625 = 4,46 EUR VAT
Product 2: 22,83 EUR -> 21% VAT (= 22,83 x 0,21) = 4,7943 = 4,79 EUR VAT
Service: 8,3 EUR -> 21% VAT (= 8,3 x 0,21) = 1,7430 = 1,74 EUR VAT

Total invoice: 52,38 EUR
Total VAT (sum of rounded VAT per line) = 10,99 EUR VAT

In the above example, the difference is one eurocent.

Of course, with multiple products, services and invoices, this will make a bigger difference.
Regulation in Belgium is strict about this: VAT needs to be calculated correctly and rounded on the invoice total, not as a sum of rounded products/services.
In other words, we might get into trouble unless we intervene manually on every invoice.

Is there a way to calculate this correctly automatically?

Thanks in advance,


How calculations work and rounding of numbers is something that requires code level change. If you have developer he can do that for you, otherwise let us know and we can assist.


Hello I am interested in trying suiteCRM but I’ve seen that VAT does not match my country VAT is 21%. They can advise me how to change this. thank you very much :ohmy:

Hi there,

You can modify the vat_list drop down value in Admin -> Drop Down Editor and add your 21% value.



Thank you very much will was easier than I expected. :slight_smile: