Different layouts when creating a new opportunity

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I am trying to configure opportunities in the system to have different fields and layouts based on the opportunity type. So, depending on the “type” of opportunity, there will be different fields on the screen. Is this possible? Also, can I make this a two screen process? So, on the first screen, they fill out some information, and on select a “type”, which would then take them to a second screen. I’m ok with using one screen and chancing the layout as well. I’m trying to accomplish this with no coding so that it will be safe for upgrades. My understanding is that if I only customize the system without any coding, then it is upgrade safe, correct?



you won’t achieve this without coding, there are no conditional views out of the box in SuiteCRM, and neither two screen process. If you code in custom/youmodule/ will be upgrade safe.

check this tutorial as an example


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