Different input masks dependend on document type

Hi all,
I have a special documenttype. It’s a consen form, and i have different consent forms. I’d like to scan the paper, store it in suitecrm and also store the different cheked items on the paper. Is there a way to have different input forms depending on some document type or subtype? Any suggestion?

Thanks for your help.

Hey welcome! :wave:

From what I believe you are asking is the ability to show/hide fields depending on a dropdown selection of what type of document you create/upload from the document edit view? Is that right?

If that is the case this would have to provided via code (show/hide fields) or use a add-on. If you have a number of fields based on the the types it perhaps to put grouped fields into panels and hide/show panels.

Also alot of good examples here on the forums. Have a search fro hide fields https://community.suitecrm.com/search?q=hide%20fields%20dropdown