different fields for different target lists

hello. i am running a contact centre. i have the problem, that my agents have different products and should ask different questions to my targets. is it possible, that each calling campaign can have its own fields? like annual income or annual electricy usage? i didnt find an option for such type of calling campaigns, survey and “campaigns in suiteCRM” only suit e-Mail marketing. i dont use predictive dialer, so its not important for me. maybe i just oversaw smth? please help me, its an urgent case

There is no way to have different behaviours in different campaigns.

But if you design your system to have all the possible spaces for answers, then you can divide them into separate panels, for example, and your agent would know which one to work on.

Check out the Docs about Studio:


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Thank you for your quick answer. Would it be possible to write different modules and connect only those to my target list? I was able now to enter all questions the agent has to ask…

Yes, if you prefer to go beyond a list of fields and add entire new modules for each type, that’s ok.

We have a Client with a similar requirement and creating different fields was too complicated so we ended up creating a new module with plenty of fields which are grouped in different panels by subject in the the edit/quick create and detail views layouts.

We then created relationships to accounts, meetings and calls (this was the client requirement).

It is not optimal but, in the end it serves the purpose.

As opposed to coding the hiding/showing of fields depending on the type of campaign, this method is a lot simpler to implement and, later, maintain.

cool - that means that my thought were already quite right, i began already doing new modules. my question is about these relationships. the name of the company is a field in my target, should i create the same field also in my campaign module? the internal name for the system should be the same or not? is this f.e. than a 1:1 connection? some hints would be great. i am sure i would be able to figure everything out for myself with trial and error, but i would be very happy if this wouldnt be necessary

If you create a 1-1 relationship you don’t need to create any additional fields.

You just need to go to the edit from studio the EditView of the either affected modules. and you will see that there is a field with the name of your new module. If you add this field to the view it will behave in the same way as the company field in the contacts module.

Alternatively you can create a many-many relationship (as we did for our client - but they requred it) and, instead of having a field you will have a subpanel that will be visible in the DetailView.

However, if you are using campaigns, since this is a special module, I believe that you will have to edit the code for the views. Unfortunately this is a little more complicated. You will find the views in the modules/Campaigns directory or subdirectories. It shouldn’t be too difficult but you need to know waht you are doing.

In such case I recommend that you first back-up your CRM folders (and also the DB), then, once identified the file that has to be edited, copy it to the same directory under the cache directory (if it doesn’t exist you should recreate the same directory tree under cache) and then edit it. You may have to run Admin->Repair->Quick Repair and Rebuild once done.

If things go wrong you can first restore the situation by deleting the files you created under the cache folder. And if things continue going wrong you will have to restore your backup.