Different Email Each Day Campaign


I have been looking over the email campaign functionality and am not sure if it is possible to do what I want. I am trying to set up a campaign so that when I add someone it will email them automatically for 10 days after they are added. The emails will each contain different information to try and capture their business, if they have not responded by day 10 then the lead would be considered dead. Is there a way to set that up so it automatically does it?

Thanks so much!

Are you sure you want to nag people with daily emails for 10 days in a row? I would hate it if some seller would try that would me. But I don’t know your business, or your relationship with your audience, so I will assume it’s a good idea and try to answer your question.

It sounds a bit tricky, if you want it all to be automatic, though probably possible.

You coudl try something like this:

  • create 10 Workflows, all of them running every day, scheduler only, run for all records
  • each has a condition to only run when the Lead’s “age” is 1 day, or 2 days, or 3 days, etc.
  • each sends it’s own email

Now, that is just a sketch and I’m not very good with Workflows, so don’t ask me for more details, I don’t know. Just try different things until you can make it work. Good luck!