Different colors of status

We use suitecrm for a long time, Suite P is really cool theme. But our managers would like to have different color of different status in lead: They want to see unclosed leads more quickly.
Is it possible to make some option in dropdown to choose what color of status can be?

I’m afraid SuiteCRM doesn’t support this functionality out of the box.

If you feel confident coding my colleague has written a tutorial on how to add a custom field type to SuiteCRM. His example is a colour picker, but it should give you an idea how you would go about creating a menu with custom colours.


Another simpler way to achieve the same effect (though it still requires some knowledge of coding) would be through Javascript. If you add something like

'includes' => 
      array (
        0 => 
        array (
          'file' => 'custom/modules/Leads/]yourfilenamegoeshere.js',

to custom/modules/metadata/detailviewdefs.php and custom/modules/metadata/editviewdefs.php you can include your own javascript file on the page, then it should be simple enough to write some javascript that updates the colour.


In general status are fixed and if colors are fixed,
You can show different status in different color in list view using process_record logic hook.
or if you are changing color of the status frequently you can give admin side a page to color selection of status and based on that you can show it status on list view.