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Difference response between production server and test server after update 7.8.3 to 7.10.33

Hi, I have two machine, with same configurations an very similar hardware, the first one is to do suitecrm test, and the other one is the production server.

When I finish my own test, I put the new release in my production environment, but, the point is what in the test server, everything run nice, but when I put that in production server, my system send a wrong mail information, after run a workflow.

The wrong information in the email is only who is the person assigned to do handle a quotation. But if I run the same workflow in the test server everything run perfect.

So I don´t know what happened, before to do the update of 7.8.3 to 7.10.33, I didn’t have this problem.

Please, if any one can help me, I really aprecciated that.

My environment is Windows 10 Pro, Xampp, PHP 7.4.27, intel core i7, in both servers.

Please, I need help, I can’t find the problem…