Difference in navbar menus

On my localhost, I am unable to get the menu for my new module to show up on the main navigation bar. When I install the module on the remote server, however, the menu item shows up. I am installing the same module package on both instances of SuiteCRM, so I don’t understand why there is a difference.

(see attachments)

Are there settings and/or configurations I need to look at, to fix this disparity? I AM doing a Quick Repair on both instances of SuiteCRM, and making sure the new module is visible in both instances. In the local instance, I CAN reach the listview results by calling with module=dmsr_TrackingQuery…

Both SuiteCRM instances
Version 7.6.5 - Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061)
PHP version 7.0.5

Remote host
Windows Server 2012R2
MySQL version: 5.6.25

My localhost
Windows 10 64bit
MySQL version: 5.7.12

This has happened to me before, too. What I;ve found is that the package information doesn’t actually extend to setting the display of the modules in the nav bar.

Try going to Admin -> Developer Tools -> Display Modules and Subpanels, and checking whether the module is in the Hidden Modules column.

Next go to Admin -> Developer Tools -> Configure Module Menu Filters and check its settings there.

I could be on the wrong track, but these two pages define your main menu content.