Difference beween versions - SuiteCRM 7.xx and SuiteCRM 8.5? 🤨

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Is there any matrix or something that can make you see/visualize/understand the difference between these two versions?

Is SuiteCRM 8.5 stable enough for production?
I mean they do mention that in the download page:

So if you want the “safe” version for with 7.xx is what I interpret from that text. but hey; please do educate me…

In my company we need to install a production version instance for a customers of ours which we will host as we run their marketing project.

Currently I’m running 7.XX version for my own company.
I haven’t had time to test/check out 8.5 so I’m totally blank on that part. But need to make a decision on which to install on our servers for our customers.

Suggestions/ thoughts please? :thinking:

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I think that text has been there for a long time, I don’t think they wrote that for 8.5 specifically. So now it’s less “bleeding edge” than it was a few versions ago.

That said, I don’t think anybody should make that call about moving to 8.5 without evaluating their own requirements feature by feature, button by button. This is a major rewrite of a huge software. Not everything will be there yet in the v8 series.

If everything works well for you, and you can handle migrating your custom stuff to v8, then by all means, migrate to v8. If not, then you should wait - or, better, have an ongoing evaluation on a test system, and start moving your custom stuff bit by bit until you find it’s the right time to take the jump.

Thanks @pgr for your response.

In this case its not about myself but as mentioned for a new customer of ours where we will run a marketing project with lead generation for them and they want us to host a CRM for it as they do not have one ready (Sort of). So I need to make the decision to what version to install for them.

Any cons/pros on this?

What I would do if I was in your place, would be to use v8, but don’t work from your expectations of what you know from v7, just pay attention to what you can get done with v8. This also includes your learning curve of Symfony and Angular.

If that gets too uncomfortable, then go with v7 for a while, but avoid doing custom work that you won’t be able to transfer to v8 later (like front-end JS stuff).

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Thanks for your kind feedback which I appreciate and value. :+1:

I need to make a decision fast as their CRM needs to be production ready next week.
I suppose then than version 8.5 is more technology demanding and thus a little more complicated to run then than 7.xx?

For you (and me!), I guess the answer is yes, we’re more used to v7.

For other people with other experience, v8 can actually be simpler because it’s a much better architecture and software quality.

But definitely, if you want things ready next week, stick to what you already know.

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Thanks a bunch again @pgr ! :facepunch: :heart:

I think v8.4 is more stable than v8.5 right now. But definitely you will get more help if you have v7.x versions.