Difference between SuiteCRM and SuiteCRM Demand

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Can someone please help me on what is the difference between SuiteCRM and SuiteCRM Demand?

When I visited the https://suitecrm.com/ official website I wasn’t sure about the differences between SuiteCRM and other products if I review the products tab.

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Hi @Dinu1,

SuiteCRM: It is regular open-source CRM software, free to use and customize. In order to use this platform, there are some prerequisites like web server, database on your system, compatible PHP version, hosting, etc.

Suite: OnDemand - Suite OnDemand comes with its own cloud-based hosting solution. It is also open-source, which means, you can use its license for free, however, you will need to for the hosting service. It has three packages- Starter, Business, and Premium. For using this platform you don’t need anything except a system and an internet connection.

Learn which version is a perfect fit for your business: https://store.outrightcrm.com/blog/suitecrm-cloud-services-with-suite-on-demand/

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SuiteCRM is the software. You can download it for free and install it on your own server or hosting. Download here:

SuiteCRM on demand is a hosting service SalesAgility offers. It’s optimized to give you the best experience. You can learn more here:


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Thank you for your response. Now I have a clear picture of these two SuiteCRM functions.

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thanks my problem also solved.

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