Determine How Record Was Created

Is there an easy in Suite to determine if a record was created using the “Duplicate” feature? I am not looking for duplicate records, just if a record was created using this feature. I didn’t know if there was some flag in the database for this.

Unfortunately no.

The duplicate feature simply pre-populates the EditView with values from an existing record and nothing else from that original record is saved when the new record is saved. There is also nothing in the database schema to indicate/save this.


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That’s what I figured. I just thought I would ask to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Can you help me understand how the Duplicate function works? I see this code …


in OpportunityFormBase.php
but I don’t see a form named dupOpps anywhere.


It’s defined in that same file, it seems…

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It is indeed!! Thank you for pointing that out.