Detailview shows more than 4 rows for textarea


i’m struggling with the detail view and text areas.
in vardefs are several fields of type ‘text’, in fields array i defined the entry ‘rows’= 4 for those fields.
Now, in EditView the textarea is displayed with 4 rows, in DetailView the fields are displayed as long the text is.
How can I limit the text fields to 4 rows ?


You might need to modify the CSS for that field. Use your browser to identify the field and manually change the size of it.

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I think the problem is in tpl defintion: include/SugarFields/Text/Detailview.tpl, below the code from there.
When I look at include/…/Editview.tpl this looks quite different and there i can use the displayParams.rows = xx
But in Detailview.tpl there is no option to use any displayParms or something else. And I don’t know how to change this.

{{if empty($displayParams.textonly)}}{{sugarvar key=‘value’ htmlentitydecode=‘true’}}{{else}}{{sugarvar key=‘value’}}{{/if}}
{{if !empty($displayParams.enableConnectors)}}
{assign var=“value” value={{sugarvar key=‘value’ string=‘true’}} }
{if !empty($value)}
{{sugarvar_connector view=‘DetailView’}}