detailed view access in Products module

How can i authenticate users to view or hide the cost field based on job role?

Example: IT members shouldn’t see the product cost while Sales staff can view such field which is related to their job

You can’t do field level access control out of the box, although the full version of Security Suite allows you to create specific layouts for each group, which would allow you to show/hide fields for certain user groups.




What does the full version do more? this is a free addon that can achieve what you need

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Don’t waste your time with the free addon ACL field access control. It seems to work okay initially but it starts to cause problems because it hasn’t been updated since 2012.

Create a role for it managers, and give access to product module to view only
For sales people create a role of edit

In the layout , detail view , don’t show the cost. Show only the price

Sales people will be able to see the edit view to see the price.
Hope this helps